Friday, August 31, 2007

Radio New Internationalist

We have always argued that in an era of globalised financial markets, the Tax Justice Network must be totally internationalist in its outlook. A classic case of thinking global, act local.

This outlook is catching on. In this extensive radio programme produced by Radio New Internationalist (closely associated with the New Internationalist magazine), Chris Richards explores why tax justice matters to all progressive thinkers, and asks why African countries continue to rely on aid, rather than taxing those who profit most from their countries?

Co-hosting the show with TJN's John Christensen, Chris discusses how countries coffers are being plundered to leave populations in poverty. She is joined by author and investigative journalist Nick Shaxson (adviser to TJN) who reveals how President Omar Bongo of Gabon used African oil money and European tax havens to maintain a gigantic offshore slush funds in complicity with senior members of the French government.

Chris is also joined by Greg Muttitt from London-based NGO Platform, who lifts the lid on how the International Tax and Investment Center -- an American lobbying organisation funded by Big Oil, but masquerading behind charitable status -- manipulates governments on behalf of its clients.

The programme also features the music of Indian musician Debashish Bhattacharya.


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