Monday, October 13, 2008

The Steers

TJN is in the news, again. This time we're in The Observer newspaper. In the web version, it's under a section called "The Steers" - although in the print version it's under a section called "The Seers" - which I guess we prefer.

Nevertheless, here's a picture of a few of us at work. And here's the relevant section, from The Observer's print edition:

"The Seers

It's one thing being a prophet of doom; it's another thing being bang on the money. Jon Moulton, boss of private equity firm Alchemy, is both. He was the first financier publicly to state that the leveraged boom was unsustainable and would end in tears, and the first private equity figure to launch a debt fund to buy toxic loans and swap them for equity in businesses.

Opaque off-balance sheet structures hidden in secretive tax havens have helped to bring capitalism to its knees, but no one can say they weren't warned. Three characters - Professor Prem Sikka, accountant Richard Murphy and former Jersey economic adviser, John Christensen, created from nothing an international network of academics, investigators and campaigners dedicated to promoting transparency in the financial system. Their organisation, Tax Justice Network has been adopted by charities, some sympathetic governments (Norway) and extends to heavyweight officials in the Obama camp who have promised to squash tax havens if elected. Unlike Gordon Brown."

One for us to ruminate on.


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