Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time for lobbying transparency

We've written a lot about Britain recently. In this context, we should draw your attention to an event to be held on November 5th in London. It's from a group called the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency

The Alliance's primary aim is the introduction of a mandatory Parliamentary register of lobbyists, similar to the system in the States, alongside other measures to prevent undue influence and privileged access - so the recording of all meetings between lobbyists and officials, a slowing down of the revolving door, and tougher rules on Members' interests.

Here's a copy of their flyer:

Averting the Next Crisis: Why transparency in lobbying matters

The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency invites you to a public meeting on lobbying.
5th November, House of Commons.

It is widely accepted that the current financial crisis has been exacerbated by a lack of regulatory oversight. To what extent has this been caused by sustained lobbying and high level access to Government by the financial industry? In the context of this and other current political issues, such as airport expansion, nuclear and food policy, the debate will ask: Do we have a right to know who is lobbying Government? Would greater transparency in lobbying lead to more Government accountability? And should Parliamentarians have financial interests in lobbying firms? Come and share your views on these and other timely questions.

Chaired by David Hencke, Westminster correspondent, The Guardian


* Robbie MacDuff, Chair, Association of Professional Political Consultants
* Robert Siddall, CEO, Airport Operators Association
* Peter Facey, Director, Unlock Democracy
* Prof David Miller, Director, SpinWatch
* Guido Fawkes, prominent Westminster blogger

6 -7pm, 5th November
Committee Room 6, House of Commons
Sponsor, John Grogan MP

Expect fireworks!

For more information:


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