Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Predictions for tax policy in the new US administration

The TaxProf web site offers a series of prognostications from fifteen academic tax experts. Each has given a paragraph about what they see in the offing. Some are more compatible with tax justice than others. Their prognostications are here. The experts are:

Alice G. Abreu (Temple)
Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan)
Neil Buchanan (George Washington)
Patricia A. Cain (Santa Clara)
Bridget J. Crawford (Pace)
Steven A. Dean (Brooklyn)
David Gamage (UC-Berkeley)
Michael J. Graetz (Yale)
Steve Johnson (UNLV)
Michael Knoll (Pennsylvania)
James Maule (Villanova)
James R. Repetti (Boston College)
Daniel N. Shaviro (NYU)
Samuel C. Thompson, Jr. (Penn State)
Dennis J. Ventry, Jr. (UC-Davis)


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