Friday, April 03, 2009

Draft briefing paper: on exchanging information

TJN has produced a public draft of a briefing paper on exchange of information, for comments. It comes in the context of much activity on this issue around the G20 summit. Click here. Please send comments to markus (at) Anyone may quote from this, on the condition that it is described as a "draft paper."

We will turn this into a final briefing paper soon, and add it to our slowly expanding briefing papers section on the website.

* * TJN bloggers will be out of action from now until Monday (it's possible we might squeeze in a blog or two, but don't hold your breath.) For all the action live from the G20 over the past couple of days, follow the blog of TJN's Senior Adviser, Richard Murphy, who has been right in the thick of it. * *


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