Thursday, April 02, 2009

Geldof gets it?

The aid campaigner Bob Geldof apparently just told Richard Murphy, in front of a scrum of cameras, that it's time to close tax havens. More specifically, in the FT, he said this:

"I do not want to hang the bankers. I want to put the more shamefaced and remorseful of them to work, Profumo style. Let them serve their penance by using their skills for a purpose other than self gain. We should employ them in an institution that tracks down cash stolen by corrupt figures in Africa and passed through global launderettes such as the City of London to nestle in an obscure Alpine bank to be used later for a coup."

Quite right Geldof - though perhaps he'd like to make a public statement about this at some point? Maybe he's cleaned up - we hope so.

Now where is his friend Bono in all this?


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