Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tax and Corporate Responsibilty - ESRC event May 29

A discussion on the forgotten side of the corporate responsibility debate. Read more on the issues here.

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Blogger Physiocrat said...

Oh dear they are attacking the wrong target again. The biggest contribution of corporations to the revenue is through PAYE income tax and NICS nominally payable by employees, the actual incidence of these taxes falling on employers.

And it is helping to drive millions of people into unemployment.

It is easy to make sure that corporations pay their due amount of tax - it should be levied primarily on their property holdings, which are not going to vanish to the BVI, and if they can operate there, then they are not taking anything out of the UK system.

It is plain foolish to try to tax companies on their profits - it isn't practicable. Tax them on their stream of land rental income instead. It is much easier and saves vastly on accountancy and legal disputes.

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