Friday, August 21, 2009

Banking in the Shadows: A trip to Jersey

In March 2009, during the run-up to the G-20 Summit in London, activists from all over Europe visited the British Channel Island of Jersey to highlight the role of tax havens in the global crisis.

Along with TV teams from far and wide, film-maker Zoe Young covered the events in Jersey, described in the London Review of Book as "an awfully genteel protest", and she has now released this short film. We think its great and hope you will enjoy it and share it with your friends.

Banking in the Shadows: A trip to Jersey

A film by Zoe Young

Jersey: Island of cows, potatoes, beaches, secret trusts and tax evasion, shadowy banks and stolen billions, dodgy companies behind corrupt practices and the SPVs (special purpose vehicles) which hid the financial crisis...and Jersey promotes itself as the clean end of the tax haven world!

Join us on a visit to the dark side of global finance . . .

The British Channel Island of Jersey is a major European tax haven. Over $500 billion of client money is hidden on accounts in Jersey to evade and avoid taxes.

We visited Jersey in March 2009 to expose how tax havens affect the lives of ordinary people around the world, who pay their taxes and carry the burden of tax evaders. Activists from across Europe spoke about how different banks have supported corrupt and unethical practices.

We want politicians to take action against tax havens like Jersey. Two weeks after our events G20 leaders met in London and agreed to take action.

But their proposals are weak and do little to help the poorer countries, including some of the small islands which have seen their traditional industries swept aside by tax haven activity.

Our politicians must go much, much further in their actions against the tax havens.


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