Friday, September 11, 2009

G20: focus on tax evasion, illicit flows, corruption

TJN, in partnership with Global Witness, Christian Aid and Global Financial Integrity, have issued a new briefing paper aimed at the G20, focusing on illicit flows.

The past year has seen increased attention on different aspects of the same problem: illicit financial flows out of developing countries and their role in perpetuating poverty. There is growing consensus on the importance of this phenomenon and the damage it causes, and that development is not just about providing aid, but enabling developing countries to mobilise their own resources.

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Blogger Physiocrat said...

It isn't just the illicit flows we should be worrying about. The licit flows are also perpetuating poverty. Licit is not the same as moral.

A research study has shown that there is only one resource-rich country in the world where the benefits are being enjoyed by the people, and that is Norway.

What good did North Sea Oil do the British? Where did the money go? Why is there still a gap between rich and poor? Why is the gap getting bigger?

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