Friday, September 04, 2009

UK continues to exclude NGOs from G20 discussions

The Jubilee Debt Campaign and Bretton Woods Projects, NGOs that have taken an interest in tax and are part of the Put People First platform (of which TJN is a member) note that

"Representatives of both organisations had received notification of accreditation on Friday, 28 August. Both received emails late on 2 September saying “Unfortunately your accreditation has been withdrawn by HM Treasury. Please be aware that you will not be permitted access to the meeting venue or any of the press facilities.” No further information or reason was given for the withdrawal of accreditation for the NGOs."

What is the UK Treasury up to? Jubilee's Nick Dearden:

"The UK seems to be setting a precedent that it is acceptable to silence voices of dissent and prevent debate from being aired."

Postscript: From our quotations page (one in an occasional series in our blogs)

The financing plague is wreaking greater and greater havoc throughout the world. As in Medieval times, it is scourging country after country. It is transmitted by rats and its consequences are unemployment and poverty, industrial bankruptcy and speculative enrichment.

José Lopez Portillo , Mexican president, September 1982


Blogger Physiocrat said...

I shouldn't worry, the G20's actions are almost completely irrelevant. There will be another land-based boom around in the mid-2020s with an equally spectacular bust. If this runs to the usual 18 year cycle you can reckon the bust beginning 2025 and bottoming out 2030.

And in the run-up people will say yet again that boom and bust have finally been defeated. After all, this is the third once since the end of World War 2 and these 18 year cycles were a feature of 19th century economies.

1:33 pm  

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