Friday, October 02, 2009

Task Force Conference: videos now available

This, above, was Senator Carl Levin's speech. See all the videos from the conference (still some to come, we believe), here. See also Francis Fukuyama, Lord Daniel Brennan, and the "Magnitudes" videos: Part 1, then Part 2, then Part 3, then Part 4, and finally Part 5, containing the memorable statement from Bruce Rich, senior attorney at Environmental Defense in Washington D.C.:

"It is wonderful that the Norwegian government funded this conference for two days, and all this activity, but why the Norwegian government should have to subsidise the World Bank to look into an issue that is central to its whole credibility - I also find it to be not just grotesque, but a scandal.

What kind of road map do we have to get the World Bank and the IMF to do their job?"

A reminder: the full collection of videos are here, with, we hope, more to come.


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