Monday, November 16, 2009

More questions over UK party funding

Labour MPs have demanded an urgent meeting with Britain's elections watchdog over possibly offshore-sourced funding for Britain's Conservative Party. From The Guardian:

The Lib Dems are also demanding action before the election. Lord Oakeshott, the party's treasury spokesman, said: "Democracy is in danger if Lord Ashcroft has been pouring millions into Conservative campaigns through an offshore pipeline from a Caribbean tax haven.

"The general election is already well under way, so the referee needs to say whether the Tory team is playing by the rules. It's pointless showing the red card after the match is over."

Read the full story here.


Anonymous Gary said...

What people have to remember is that if they donate more to political parties, they will have more control over policy and leadership decisions.

People should donate more!

8:57 am  

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