Friday, February 19, 2010

Iceland seeks to become anti-secrecy haven

TJN's director John Christensen has just been in the astonishingly beautiful Iceland (a rather reasonably priced tourist destination these days following its economic disaster) and he met officials from the secrecy-busting group Wikileaks. The Guardian has picked up on an important story about what Wikileaks and Iceland have been planning for some time:

"Iceland is aiming to become a global haven for investigative journalism, with the country's parliament expected to vote through legislation protecting sources, guaranteeing freedom of speech and ending libel tourism.

Supporters liken the initiative to the offshore financial havens that corporations use to avoid government tax regimes – only for free speech."

This is a fantastically exciting idea. Rather than waffle on about this, we urge you instead to read more in this story.

And watch a clip of the Wikileaks folks explaining their idea here.

And on the subject of Iceland - we can't help reminding our readers of this.


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