Saturday, February 27, 2010

US: no aid for unemployed without millionaire tax break

From our colleagues Citizens for Tax Justice in Washington, D.C:

"Senate Republicans blocked action on aid for millions of unemployed Americans this week, and threatened to continue to do so unless Congress acts on a completely unrelated matter: the federal tax on the estates of millionaires.

Congress has an opportunity to help families hardest hit by the recession while at the same time increasing consumer demand, which in turn will increase the number of businesses that are hiring. The Congressional Budget Office has found that extending unemployment benefits is one of the most effective ways to increase consumer demand (i.e., create jobs), making it attractive from the standpoint of economic policy as well as compassion for struggling Americans."

Perhaps courses in basic economics, history, politics, justice and general good sense are in order.

CTJ also has more on health care here.


Anonymous Margaret said...

You don't think they are interested in helping the unemployed do you?

8:34 pm  

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