Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lucy Komisar scoops Headliner award

Congratulations to tax justice campaigner Lucy Komisar who has been awarded the National Headliner Award for the story on Ponzi-schemer Allen Stanford she took to the Miami Herald last year. It exposed how the Florida Banking Department ignored the strong advice of its own lawyer and allowed Stanford to set up an unregulated office to move money offshore.

The Herald assigned its reporters Mike Sallah and Rob Barry to work with Lucy and dig deeper into local aspects of the story. The Headliners, among the most established national journalism honors, are administered by The Press Club of Atlantic City.

Ironically the story was turned down by major print and on-line media. And once it was published, the major national media never picked it up. So much for the state of investigative reporting.

Read Lucy's story here.


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