Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The BBC, Scotland and offshore

Here is another possible nasty entrant to the offshore racket: Scotland. This isn't exactly new, but we are disheartened to see the BBC reporting this, without a single balancing comment from anyone explaining how disastrous this would be for the world.

"New tax powers could be used to develop Scotland as an offshore centre for funds, a
leading businessman has said. Martin Gilbert, chief executive of Aberdeen Asset Management, told the BBC Edinburgh's financial services could rival those of Dublin and Luxembourg.
. . .
"I like to see people having control over their own destiny, and if that meant becoming an offshore centre for funds, that would be fantastic."

Martin Gilbert's statements are a disgrace. His libertarian words "I like to see people having control over their own destiny," are a kind of offshore code which we have seen so many times before. What Mr. Gilbert really means is that he likes to see wealthy elites like himself floating above the democratic restraints and responsibilities that bind the rest of us.

And shame on the BBC for its unquestioning stance towards offshore abuse.


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