Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Britain's football secrecy league

From Christian Aid:

"Christian Aid tried to find the true owners of every club in the English, Welsh and Scottish leagues, as well as the Irish League in Northern Ireland and League of Ireland in the Republic of Ireland.

We discovered that a total of 14 English Premier League members and a further five in the Championship, together with one in League One and two in the Scottish League, are now based offshore. Until recently, that was also the case for one of the clubs in the League of Ireland.

The locations of ownership of a further English Premier League club, a Championship club and a League One club were impossible to verify.
The research resulted in a new ranking: the Christian Aid Football Secrecy League. Positions in the ranking reflect the extent of secrecy surrounding the controlling ownership of each club, multiplied by a measure to reflect the number of fans being denied information."

For the full, fascinating report - click here. For the league table, click on the image below.


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