Monday, May 24, 2010

Former French Senator proud to be a tax dodger

Libération, the French daily, reports that former French Senator Paul Dubrule has shifted his fortune offshore to Switzerland to avoid French tax. Dubrule, who was Senator for Seine-et-Marne from 1999 to 2004, and a member of the centre-right UMP party, is reported to have boasted to Swiss business magazine 'Bilan' that shifting his fortune, which derives from his stake in the multinational hotel chain Accor, offshore saves him around SwF3.3 million a year.

Not surprisingly, the citizens of the land of liberté, égalité et fraternité aren't impressed. Read down through the comments below the article and you'll note that some think he deserves to lose his citizenship.

While naming and shaming politicians who fiddle their expenses has stirred up hornet's nests in countries like Britain, not so much attention is paid to politicians who fiddle their taxes, though the public reaction to revelations about the non-domicile tax status of Lord Ashcroft, who bankrolled the recent Conservative party election campaign in the UK, indicates huge public disquiet about the issue.

Since tax fiddles typically involve much larger sums than dodgy expenses claims, we must ask ourselves why the media don't pay more attention to the matter.


Blogger max said...

There is a big lack of justice in this world.

The money wasted by European institutions, which seem to be ever hungry wolves....

Politicians and parliaments shouldn't
decide themselves on the remunerations of politicians and their staffs.

An independant sort of commission which members should be elected
by the common people seems to be necessary to have a serious control of remunerations in this field.

Goldman Sachs orchestrated a financial crisis : when will be found a system that stops this type of doing and when will be stopped speculation on the succes or insucces of states worldwide.

The greek catastrophe is an exemple
of the problem above.

Where are the trillions of dollars and/or Euros come from? Virtual money ?

If you think about the difficulty simple people have to earn a decent living and put this against the imbroglio big banks are creating you are simply disgusted !

And, unfortunately, I could go on


5:31 am  

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