Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crocodile Dundee and the candidates for jail

Paul Hogan, the Australian star of Crocodile Dundee and other movies, is in the news again. In the course of a story about his tax affairs, in which Hogan looks visibly discomfited (see the video), he made an interesting comment.

"I havent done my own tax for thirty years. They are talking about (unclear) me going to jail. Excuse me: there are about four law firms and about five accounting firms – some of the biggest ones in the world – that'd have to go to jail before they get to me."

We are no fans of Hogan's tax planning techniques, via offshore trusts and the British Virgin Islands -- but we like this comment very much. Because he's kind of right. Or at least he ought to be.


Blogger Dan said...

"...Now THATS a knife!" unlikely events in the movie but that's how movies are. He might do fine in jail but he shouldn't have to go. His last years of life should be peaceful and pleasant.

3:17 pm  

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