Tuesday, July 20, 2010

US small businesses to campaign against tax havens

From U.S. Senator Carl Levin:

July 19, 2010
WASHINGTON - Sen. Carl Levin will join business leaders, investors, and owners tomorrow in announcing a new campaign, Business and Investors Against Tax Haven Abuse. The details will be announced in a 2:30 pm conference call.
The Business and Investors Against Tax Haven Abuse campaign represents the first time in recent years that business people who believe tax havens are bad for business are mobilizing publicly to end the abuse. The group will also release a report exposing the marked increase in the use of tax havens to avoid taxes over the last two decades. The practice costs U.S. taxpayers up to $123 billion per year. Business and Investors Against Tax Haven Abuse is launching a drive to gather signatures on a petition calling on the President and Congress to enact legislation to stop tax haven abuse. The petition drive will launch with more than 400 initial signers from the business community.

Contact: Tara Andringa 202-228-3685


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