Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bankers to become martyrs and heroes?

The Guardian reports:

"Banks and bankers are now potential targets for the Real IRA, leaders of the dissident republican terror group have warned in an exclusive interview with the Guardian. Despite having only 100 activists they also said that targets in England remained a high priority."

This is truly appalling news. Obviously, this is absolutely no way to behave at all (and this blogger has a personal stake, having several banker friends who are, like many bankers but unlike the banks they work for, thoroughly decent.)

Separately, though, attacking bankers would be likely to turn bankers - and by extension the banks they work for, into martyrs and heroes. And that would make banking reform even harder and more mouse-like, making matters even worse in the global economy.

As Martin Wolf said in 2008: "I may like many bankers, but I rather dislike banks." The Real IRA would do well to remember the difference. And steer clear of the banks altogether. (And, er, everyone else please.)


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