Monday, September 27, 2010

Dutch trust industry: facts and figures

The Dutch trust industry is not something you hear much about at dinner parties. But here are a couple of useful data sources. The Dutch trust industry associations International Management Services Association (VIMS) & Dutch Fiduciary Organization (DFA) have some useful data here which notes, among other things, about Dutch Special Financial Institutions (SFIs):

Total transactions by these SFIs amount to over 4,500 billion Euros a year, which is over nine times the Dutch Gross domestic product.

And the Dutch central bank contains a lot of useful data too, noting, for example, that there are 13,000-odd SFIs in the Netherlands which "offer little if any employment in the Netherlands but serve as financial hubs for/between foreign-based group companies. In other words, these are offshore tax haven services.

We aren't trying to make any particular other point here: just point to some data sources for anyone who's interested. Hat tip: Katrin McGauran, SOMO.


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