Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ghana: attack of the vampires

From Bloomberg:

President John Atta Mills (pictured) warned that Ghana’s oil industry faces a mounting threat of corruption from people he called “vampires.”

“I want to warn both Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians that we are not going to sit down and allow our God-given resources to be mismanaged,” Mills said in a speech yesterday during a three-day visit to Switzerland broadcast on Accra-based Joy FM. “There are so many vampires who are invading Ghana.”

He was probably referring to players in the oil industry, seeking terms unacceptable to Ghana. And why was he in Switzerland? He should also pay attention to those trying to set up Ghana as a tax haven.

"The Barclays Offshore Banking Unit, the first of its kind in Ghana and indeed Africa south of the Sahara continues to offer world class banking service to non-resident private clients and corporates."

Ordinary residents of other African oil-rich states nearby may be worrying about Transylvanian-styled Ghanaians.


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