Friday, September 10, 2010

Private Eye - new CDC scandal

This is our third blog from Private Eye today. Note the blue strap on the right hand of this image. This points towards a fabulous seven-page analysis of Britain's offshore-diving Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC,) entitled That's Rich! How Britain's poverty relief fund abandoned the poor . . . while its bosses cleaned up. This is a serious and important case study of the corruption of the public ethic, and this edition ought to be on many tax justice campaigners' shelves.

Unfortunately for TJN readers, this isn't available online, and we haven't yet got through it. Nevertheless, British readers can rush out to your newsstands to buy it - it is still on sale -- or you can click here to get this, and plenty more good stuff.

Update: CDC's response to the Private Eye piece is here, including their apology for using tax havens in the name of "efficiency." Because readers of this blog may only get to see the CDC response, and not the (subscription-only) Private Eye piece, we will -- for the sake of balance -- include an article about CDC itself, here.


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