Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Southern Africa Regional Policy Roundtable on tax justice

On September 14-15 the Tax Justice Network for Africa is hosting, in partnership with Idasa in South Africa and Afrodad, will bring together tax policy experts from the southern Africa region to deliberate on issues of tax policy and efforts in the region to raise domestic resources to finance development. Invited participants will include members of Parliament, Researchers, Tax practitioners from the private sector and representatives from relevant government ministries and regional institutions.' The purpose of this policy Round Table is to:
  • Deepen the understanding and capacity of policy makers from the South Africa Region on the importance of domestic resource mobilization and specifically tax to the region’s economic development.
  • Create a platform for participants to share experience, expertise and best practice on their efforts to mobilize tax revenues.
  • Provide an opportunity identify areas of common concern including exploring of common opportunities and challenges.
As we have noted:

"The raising of revenues constitutes a central activity of any modern state. The capacity of the state to mobilize revenues from different sources is a measure of how the state is able to deliver on its core function of stimulating economic growth and infrastructure as well as providing funding for social services and national development. Taxation therefore has traditionally been and yet still remains the most reliable and sustainable source of government revenues today. For this reason, taxation resources lies at the heart of the state’s capacity to maintain just social and economic relations through tax policies that promote redistributive income and growth among all segments of the country’s population."

For more details about the event, please click here.


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