Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dispatches: How the Rich beat the Taxman

Britain's Channel 4 Dispatches programme aired its superb documentary on British tax-dodging, tax havens, and the wealthy. You can find the link here.

The programme told many stories, but among them is the tale of how the Cayman Islands, which we blogged last year as being in full panic mode and under great financial stress, was pressured by the British government to introduce some sort of taxation as a way of paying its way - right up until the moment that the Conservative Party won power in Britain, and was given the green light to continue its abuses as before. Drawing out some of the intimate connections between the party and the offshore world, it really was an important piece of work. Watch it if you can.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link to view this works in Jersey (outside the UK) - I just watched the programme - so presumably the other CIs and Isle of Man too.
Your text might be revised to point this out.
Perhaps somebody could check out Gibraltar and other places too?

1:47 am  
Anonymous Knal N. Domp said...

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon your point of view) us nasty tax-dodging denizens of the Cayman Islands cannot watch this owing to copyright zone issues.
Maybe someone can upload it to YouTube so we can all watch it?

6:25 pm  

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