Monday, October 18, 2010

Earth calling Roger Helmer: we're missing you

Some time ago Roger Helmer, a British Member of the European Parliament, blogged an open letter responding to comments made by our director, John Christensen, on BBC World Service. You can find Roger's blog supporting tax competition between states here. You can also find John's reply here.

Strangely, even though John replied to Roger within 24 hours, almost three weeks later the latter has not responded. Is this because he has no idea how to reply to substantive questions relating to the harmful effects of tax competition? We suspect it might be. This failure to reply fits into a long-standing pattern of making assertions about the mysteriously elusive Laffer Curve which simply cannot be verified. While Roger and others seek the holy grail of cutting tax rates in order to increase tax revenues, take a look here at how tax competition impacts on the lives of ordinary people in developed and developing countries.


Blogger Demetrius said...

No taxes, no benefits or services. No benefits or services an impoverished population. An impoverished population ruled by a small non tax paying elite then endless trouble and stagnation.

6:42 am  
Anonymous Roger Helmer said...

Dear John,

I simply disagree. The evidence that lower tax rates achieve higher
revenues is overwhelming. But frankly I don't have time to get inmto an
extended debate.

Best regards.


9:29 am  

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