Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mauritius fingered in Commonwealth corruption

It's Mauritius again! Yet another tale of fostering and facilitating corruption in a developing country, with the poor of that country paying the price. As India Today reports:

"Beginning the hunt for the alleged loot in Commonwealth Games (CWG) projects, tax sleuths on Tuesday raided 23 premises and surveyed seven others in the National Capital Region, Chandigarh and Ludhiana. Income-tax officials disclosed that the transfer of money using the Mauritius route in certain contracts was also being probed. The investigation includes tax evasion, over-invoicing of goods and services supplied and real or benami (sic) ownership of the entities concerned.
. . .
The tax sleuths suspect that the money earned from Games contracts was rerouted through tax havens into ...real estate projects."

It's not the details that matter so much here - and of course we should point out that these are, at present, merely allegations, which have been denied. It's the pattern. Who is going to start cracking down properly on this pirate island?


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