Monday, October 18, 2010

The Renault Tax Haven: a dodgy deal

In these straitened times we need every helping hand we can get. So ordinarily a discount from Renault would be good news. However, a member of the public has drawn this dodgy advert to our attention. We're sure they think they're being funny, but perhaps the marketing team at Renault hasn't twigged that tax havens are illegitimate, seedy places, for shady people. This is not the sort of image Renault should be associated with.

To reinforce the point, take a look at this French opinion poll from last week, which shows that 70 percent (yes, 70 percent!!) of the French public think that tackling tax havens should be the priority for combating world hunger and poverty. Hard to square French public opinion with Renault's misconceived promotional scheme.

Time to think again, Renault?

Disclosure: this blogger drives a Renault


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