Sunday, November 07, 2010

More ugly Swiss posters - and an accurate one

Over the weekend, today's TJN blogger was offended by another rash of ugly anti-foreigner posters on the streets of Z├╝rich, similar to earlier posters, put out by Switzerand's right-wing, pro-bank secrecy SVP party. The posters, of white Swiss sheep kicking out foreign black sheep, kind of speak for themselves. The campaign is part of a long-running saga since 2007 whereby the SVP has been pushing a referendum to ensure that foreign criminals get deported; the new posters are because of a referendum due on the 28th of this month.

Well, courtesy of Die Weltwoche (another right wing Swiss paper, which carries regular articles on why women should not work and stay at home, and similar fare), here is a more accurate picture of what Switzerland really is about.

And here is an interesting perspective on the UK/Germany-Swiss tax deals: that it is all about estate taxes. Well, there is surely some truth to that.


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