Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On the Bangkok Declaration

The 14th international anti-corruption conference has produced the Bangkok Declaration: a wordy set of wish-list points and exhortations which, while containing nothing that we would specifically disagree with, was notable for a number of shortcomings. First, it would have far more impact if they had kept it to 500 words: something like the New Haven Declaration, perhaps.

There was also much discussion of individual acts of corruption, important though they are to focus on, and very little on the systemic aspects of it. Read more on that here. Buried down in the 3,000 word declaration was one ray of light, from our point of view:
"The need for a more efficient exchange of information across jurisdictions"
Which is good, if rather vague. But still, no mention of tax havens, no mention of tax, no mention of tax information exchange agreements, and no mention of country by country reporting. But we will get there. The message is spreading quite fast.


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