Friday, November 12, 2010

Rand Paul says there are no poor people

Well, he kind of says that, in defense of tax cuts for the richest Americans. In fact, the libertarian U.S. politician said:
"There are no rich, there are (sic) no middle class, there are no poor, we are all interconnected in the economy. . . we all work for rich people, or we sell stuff to rich people . . . "
Here is Steven Colbert, framing the issue, with questions such as this one:
"If a poor family falls on hard times in the woods, and nobody is there to care - then did it really happen?"
And don't forget to watch the little notes on the right hand side, as he speaks. (Some people have said they can't access the video; this link might help.)

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Blogger Robin Smith said...

He forgets to ask from whence the wealth for the wealthy?

Unearned income! Of course.

Then ask: Is that right? Of course not!

Nothing wrong with wealth in itself. Just, have you earned it by doing work and creating wealth? No!

Is that the real question?

9:35 am  
Blogger Physiocrat said...

He is quite right. The people sleeping in the shop doorways and homeless hostels of Brighton are there because they enjoy the company and fresh air and spartan conditions. Some of these rough sleepers have massive portfolios of stocks and shares and are running rings round the tax authorities with their knowledge of offshore tax avoidance devices.

3:31 pm  

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