Saturday, November 20, 2010

Secrecy jurisdictions - they are everywhere

Added to our quotations page:
Whether it was logging, or diamonds, or oil, we realized it was a missing link – in every single dirty deal we ever looked at, there was a bank and a front company in a secrecy jurisdiction, or more than one.
Anthea Lawson, Global Witness
and, from the same article, which is absolutely excellent:
“I don’t know a single big business in Ukraine which is owned transparently and doesn’t use non-resident companies."
Yaroslav Lomakin, who started Honest & Bright, a Moscow consulting firm, who himself has been in the business of registering offshore companies.
And, from the same article again:
“A company is basically an alternative identity. If you form a company for one or two thousand dollars, that’s a whole new identity and it can’t be linked back to anything or anyone,”
Professor Jason Sharman, an expert on offshore havens for the Center for Governance and Public Policy at Griffith University in Australia
And if you're looking for startling quotes and insights, there is plenty more in there.

This is the reality of offshore.


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