Friday, November 12, 2010

Transparency International: follow the Paris model

We recently blogged a landmark victory for Transparency International and Sherpa in France, whose work will now lead to a judicial investigation of corruptly obtained assets. Now, from The Independent:
Anti-corruption campaigners have called on Western governments to follow France's lead in allowing an investigation into the assets of three African leaders accused of looting their countries to fund lavish purchases in the rich world.

Huguette Labelle, the head of global anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International, said the high court decision in Paris to allow a judicial inquiry into the French assets of the leaders of Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of Congo, and the former leader of Gabon, was a "milestone" and a "deterrent" against future theft.

She called on the G20 club of rich nations meeting today in South Korea to act on its commitment to combat money laundering and back the "French model" which allows European courts to go after assets bought with the proceeds of corruption.
TJN strongly supports such a call.


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