Monday, November 15, 2010

UK tax avoidance: mass protests coming

From UK Uncut:
"We’ve been a bit quiet. But we’ve been plotting. On Saturday December 4th there will be a day of national mass direct action against tax avoiders. Watch this space. More details soon."
(background is here.) They also note:
"Vodafone executives have admitted today that, rather than UK Uncut shutting down a “small number” of stores, as previously claimed, we in fact shut down almost ten per cent of their stores in October 30th, including several of the biggest ones.
Now from the Metro:
"Few details are available about what the protests will involve, but the group plans to use Twitter to alert its activists and new converts to the cause to where the demonstrations will take place. The Sunday Telegraph has named UK Uncut's leader as television producer Thom Costello and he told the newspaper the next demonstration will be on a 'significantly bigger scale' than anything the group has done before."
Excellent that people are now paying attention to this parasitic activity. It's also interesting to note that Costello is only 22 years old.

We will be watching this with great interest.

We should also point out, in this context, an excellent article from Nick Cohen in the Observer. Read the whole thing: it is well worth it.
"It shows that the Revenue is prepared to have one law for the wealthy and another for the rest and undermine the moral basis of the system over which it presides."
Cohen also puts paid to the propaganda from Vodafone and the British government that the six billion pounds of dodged tax is, as they put it, "an urban myth." Private Eye has the full details here. It is a sorry tale.

Finally, TJN has now done its own bit. We have stopped using Vodafone and moved - lock, stock and barrel - to the Phone Co-op.


Blogger Robin Smith said...

Trouble is they are right that most of the tax avoiders are receiving huge unearned incomes but dont actually know it.

And that is what they should be targetting

I may try and find them on the day and ask them? I dont expect they will be listening.

4:56 pm  

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