Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Comedian Mark Thomas in Jersey tax haven protest

It is great to see the comedian Mark Thomas joining protest in the British tax haven of Jersey about tax and tax havens.

This was part of a larger protest in Jersey, which can be accessed here, featuring a number of good friends of TJN, such as the indefatigable Pat Lucas and others who have fought hard in Jersey against a highly intolerant political system.
"There is a class war going on - it is being waged by the rich against the poor, and it is being waged day after day after day. That is why they end up paying virtually no tax, and why working class people end up paying for them."
We couldn't have said it better ourselves. One protester had this to say, about an island whose politics are made for international bankers - and the local poor can take care of themselves:
Let's run these politicians out of town
They want to burn our lives to the ground
By making us pay for their mistakes
The corporations don't pay and they just take
They say there's a blackhole they need to fill
And so they screw the poor, it makes me ill
Public opinion says NO WAY
But they just do it anyway
Cuz they don't care for you or me
They just want to get their money
. . .
Tax the rich, not the poor
When you say no chance I'll scream some more
If we stand together there is a chance
We can destroy political-corporate romance


Blogger jean said...

Well done to Mark Thomas and those people of Jersey who are daring to stand up and fight..
We are now in later life and feel angry about how the poor (inc.us) are being treated. We did our share of protests during the 80's and 90's against poll taxes' student loans etc. The students, UKuncut, TJN and of course Mark Thomas, have inspired us to stand up once again and be counted! Vive la revolution!!

10:23 am  

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