Tuesday, December 07, 2010

These brilliant protests on tax-dodging can unite us all

A superb article from Polly Toynbee in The UK's Guardian newspaper, which is a must-read. We will only summarise it briefly: the article speaks for itself. It begins:
What a clever, well-targeted protest. When the whistle blew and the protesters emerged from among milling shoppers perusing handbags and hats, it took just a few hundred people to shut down Philip Green's flagship branch of Topshop, in London's Oxford Street – and 22 other stores in his empire around the country. Summoned by Twitter, the UK Uncut movement brings together an instant army, peaceful, good-natured and witty in its songs and chants. For a while they stopped Green's tills ringing on the year's busiest shopping Saturday.
And at the end, Toynbee so very rightly notes:
"there is nothing scarily leftwing about fair tax collection. It is the price for a civilised society."
And, as we've so often said - this is not anti-business either. We have noticed business leaders tweeting in support of it. But read the whole article. It's well worth it. And then read this one, noting how the government appears to be feeling some heat (though this does seem to be mostly a public relations exercise.)

Tax justice is catching on - and fast.


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