Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To the Swiss President: We're waiting to hear from you

The Unity Party WA of Australia has issued the following letter to Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey supporting Rudolf Elmer's fresh leak to Wikileaks, and asking why the Swiss government has not responded to past requests for assistance:

Ms. Micheline Calmy-Rey
President of Switzerland

Dear President Calmy-Rey,

We refer to the report (see here) for your information.

Mr. Rudolf Elmer is to be congratulated for handing this information to Mr.Assange because the Swiss Press and other media failed to act.

We raised our concern about those “Black money” a couple of years ago and we are still waiting for your government to respond.

We would like to ask the same question as to why we should allow some countries to make a living by hiding tax money not paid or stolen and it is long overdue to end that system and for real openness.

Yours respectfully,

Eddie Hwang
Unity Party WA


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