Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Links Feb 23

The Barclays stuff, and the problem with budgets Treasure Islands
Feb 23 - Nick Shaxson on Taxwash and on the beauty of UK Uncut protest.

Corporate tax reform and the death of UK corporation tax for large multinationals Progressive Tax Blog
Feb 23 - Proposed reforms are likely to mean multinational companies pay no or little corporate tax in the UK. See also EU Targets UK Anti-Avoidance Laws - "David Kilshaw, of KPMG, said the ruling conjured, 'a vision of a tidal wave of money moving offshore' if the Revenue were forced to draw the teeth of its anti-avoidance legislation. This announcement shakes the very foundtions of the UK tax system, he said." Also New UK tax rules could cost poor counties billions - by our friends at ActionAid .

Barclays online annual report short on transparency
The Guardian
Feb 21 -
The Guardian joins calls for country-by-country reporting, observing the joke: "Our desire is to make this report as transparent and open as possible," says Barclays chairman, Marcus Agius, in his online introduction to his bank's 2009 annual report.

HMRC gets tough on persistent tax evaders
The Guardian
Feb 22 - Is this real, or another fig leaf? Is there a media fuss on easy targets while the biggest perpetrators continue with impunity? Note also comments by Richard Murphy.

Billions Lost to State Coffers Due to Tax Leniency IPS
Feb 18 -
For the past 25 years, tax revenues in most African countries have missed even the low target of 15 percent of gross domestic product, far less than rich countries’ average of 35 percent, according to the African edition of "Tax Us If You Can",

Pharaoh Fixes his Fortune IPS
19 - As Egypt’s popular uprising gained momentum and Hosni Mubarak’s downfall looked increasingly inevitable, he used his final days in office to secure his vast wealth. See also recent TJN blog Hypocrisy and High Corruption

Response to HMRC consultation on corporate tax reform
Progressive Tax Blog
Feb 22 - Registering protest at the fact that only big businesses are being consulted on major Corporate Tax reforms. See also Richard Murphy.

The Independent's Review - making Treasure Islands stronger
Treasure Islands
Feb 23 - Nick Shaxson comments, within the category "Criticism by those who think offshore abuse is too difficult to tackle so we should just give up".


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