Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inside Job - screening at London's Lexi Cinema

Fresh from its best documentary win at the Oscars, Tipping Point’s next film club night at the Lexi Cinema in London will screen Charles Ferguson’s Inside Job followed by a post-film discussion with TJN's director John Christensen.

Premiered at the Cannes film festival in 2010, selected for many festivals worldwide and narrated by Matt Damon, Inside Job is about the origins of the financial crash and is a damning condemnation of the banking industry and its role in the financial meltdown of 2008.
‘Boasting more villains than a dozen blockbusters, it points an incriminating finger at not only financial services execs who got filthy rich on working people’s pain (and who remain in power) but also government officials and biz-school toppers irrefutably revealed to be in Wall Streeters’ pockets…. The pic’s musical selections…somehow manage to keep one’s toes tapping, even as one’s fist remains firmly clenched.’ Rob Nelson, Variety


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