Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Johnny Rotten on tax avoidance

The BBC ONE show has broadcast a long and interesting item on last weekend's UK UnCut's events targeting high street banks.

Towards the end of the item, which starts about two minutes into the show, you'll hear John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, talking about the aggressive tax avoidance tactics of UK banks - and the associated threats to leave the country if efforts are made to crack down on their tax avoidance.

His view: "the whole thing is a wants to pay tax, whether they're a banker or a drug dealer...everything can be shifted into clever accounting and manoeuvring..." followed by a general lament about the sad lack of social cohesion that underlines the tax avoidance industry.

Its good to know that punk rockers don't lose their edge when it comes to tax justice.

Watch it here (it starts about 2 minutes into the programme).


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