Thursday, March 17, 2011

Links Mar 17

Osborne's secret plan to raise tax - and scrap national insurance The Independent
Mar 17 - In the UK, income tax and national insurance could be merged as part of a drive to simplify the tax system by the Coalition Government.

Cash on Delivery: A New Approach to Foreign Aid Center for Global Development

Mar 16 - Book by Nancy Birdsall and William D. Savedoff setting out how Cash on Delivery (COD) Aid proposes serious reform to make aid work well by forcing accountability, aligning the objectives of funders and recipients, and sharing information about what works. Hat tip Ann Hollingshead.

Partial victory: the European Council supports country-by-country reporting Eurodad

Mar 16 - Our friends at Eurodad comment explain and comment on recent developments in the European Union on policy reforms to make global tax policies work for the poor.

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Brussels unveils plans for corporation tax overhaul Financial Times

Mar 17 -
The EU moved a step closer to tax harmonistion on Wednesday with the unveiling of proposals for a pan-European system of corporate taxation.

India agency finds money trail to six nations in telecom probe Total Telecom
Mar 16 - Money laundering investigators request cooperation from peers in Singapore, Cyprus, Jersey, Virgin Islands, as apart of a probe of alleged malpractice in the telecoms industry.

IMF Report: Revenue Mobilization in Developing Countries
Mar 8 - This looks like the IMF is starting to take tax seriously with respect to developing countries, and the report, though it is faulty in some respects in our opinion, is to be welcomed. We blogged earlier, but providing link here too, as this is very important. Hat tip David McNair.

Green MP launches campaign for country-by-country reporting in the UK and to end £16 billion tax evasion scandal Tax Research UK

Mar 17 - Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party, will today table a new Tax and Financial Transparency Bill in the House of Commons to tackle the UK’s billion-pound tax evasion scandal.

What is the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB)? European Commission

Mar 16 - An EU guide to the CCCTB is now available. See our earlier blog here.

The revenge of the 3000 tax exiles
Lexpress (In French)
Mar 16 - In French. the court of appeal has thrown out charges against 3000 tax evaders, giving the reason that the evidence was obtained unlawfully. The evidence in question is the file of names and data brought to the French tax authorities by the HSBC whistleblower Hervé Falciani. Hat tip Jean Merckaert.

Tax changes alarm UK art market The Art Newspaper

Mar 17 - The UK art market is in danger of being squeezed by changes to Britain’s tax regime in conjuction with new EU regulations that affect the trade. Not everyone, however, predicts a doom-laden scenario. According to one commentator: “The big art buyers are worth tens of millions. There might be a slight crimp in their art buying, but there won’t be a significant impact.” And, a proposed change to an obscure tax law means that UK-domiciled companies with significant earnings abroad may not pay UK tax on money made in foreign branches, including tax ha­vens—Switz­erland is one of the very few coun­t­ries to take such a liberal stance. Conclusion: the rich won't need to worry.

UK: HMRC denies cosying up to big business
Mar 17 - Britain's most senior taxman has come under heavy fire for his 'lamentable failure' to extract more money from multinational companies.


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