Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Being savaged by sheep

Looks whose cages we've rattled.

Yesterday the Financial Times published an article by Nicholas Shaxson and John Christensen of TJN, commenting on the weakness of the G-20's anti-tax haven initiative launched 24 months ago at their London summit. You can access the article here.

And now read this reasoned response from former head honcho of the Cayman Island's financial services authority, Tony Travers (who we thought had been put out to graze somewhere quiet after his "Shaxson is an imbecile" response to Treasure Islands).

We particularly like this gem: "It is difficult to discern a thread of reason in their rant other than this type of deliberate mis-statement is the weapon of choice of the class warrior, i.e. smear, mischaracterize and hope to live another day before the reasoned and factual refutation gains traction." Nice one Tony.

If you have the appetite for such stuff, also take a look at Bob Bauman's conspiracy theory piece on the Sovereign Society blog. Read to the end and you'll find the following postscript from Bob (ever the salesman):

You Can Still "Go Offshore"

Notwithstanding all these left wing attacks on your financial freedoms, I continue to preach the gospel that for asset protection and investment you need an offshore bank account to keep assets outside the immediate jurisdiction of the U.S. government.

Those who think that favouring transparency and a level playing field in global markets are somehow 'left wing' must take a pretty dim view of those on the right (who, by implication, must favour secrecy and distorted markets.) Well we've given Bob free advertising space, and you can't be fairer than that. And since the sun is shining and we're in a good mood, we'll offer both Tony and Bob an opportunity to provide a "reasoned and factual refutation" of the matters Nick and John covered in the FT article. So far their efforts to attack us have had all the impact of being savaged by dead sheep.


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