Sunday, April 17, 2011

Canadians for Tax Fairness – getting launched

We are thrilled to see the momentum of Canadians for Tax Fairness. Here is a letter from their Coordinator, Larry Gordon.

Campaign Launched to Fight Corporate Tax Cuts

Hello folks,

Since you were among those who received the discussion paper on the formation of a fair tax advocacy group, I wanted to update you on recent developments. Things are moving quickly!

Canadians for Tax Fairness (CTF) is now incorporated. We just launched our website – and a Facebook page, and Twitter account. Please check them out!

We recently welcomed Linda McQuaig, Shannon Daub and Michelle Langlois to our founding board of directors. See below for the full list of board members.

Canadians for Tax Fairness was just approved for membership in the Tax Justice Network International, an association of 27 tax justice groups in Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas.

And most importantly, we have just launched our first campaign – focused on stopping the proposed corporate tax cuts.

We hope you can help us by signing and helping publicize our online petition against the corporate tax cuts. If you can post the link on your websites, blogs, Facbook pages, etc., that would be very helpful.

We also have a campaign flyer and small poster. Any help circulating these materials would be much appreciated.

As CTF grows – and we raise funds – we hope to be working closely with other NGOs and individuals whose programs, projects and services are being severely damaged by the current tax regime and government spending cuts. It’s time to turn public attention to the real problem – the lack of adequate public revenue due to an unfair and unbalanced tax system.

Let’s keep in touch. If you’d like to talk further, or share ideas, or even help build Canadians for Tax Fairness, please contact me (or any of our board members).

Thanks for your interest and support,

Larry Gordon


Canadians for Tax Fairness

* * * * * * * * *

CTF founding Board of Directors:

* Peter Bleyer - consultant, former Executive Director, Council of Canadians, and past President, Canadian Council on Social Development
* Neil Brooks - tax law professor, co-author The Trouble With Billionaires
* Shannon Daub - Communications Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, BC Office
* Murray Dobbin - writer, political commentator, columnist with The Tyee and
* John Doherty - interim executive director for NGOs, former Board Chair, Greenpeace Canada
* Joe Gunn - Executive Director, Citizens for Public Justice
* Trish Hennessy - Director, Income Inequality Project, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
* Rob Howarth - Executive Director, Toronto Neighbourhood Centres, fair tax workshop innovator
* Murray Klippenstein - social justice lawyer, former President, Canadian Environmental Defence Fund
* David Langille - Executive Producer, Poor No More, former Executive Director, Centre for Social Justice
* Michelle Langlois - social justice and labour activist, former staff member at
* Linda McQuaig - journalist, co-author The Trouble With Billionaires
Coordinator: Larry Gordon – former Executive Director and founding president of Fair Vote Canada


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should rich people pay more income tax?
Income earned 35%. Income from capital gains 15%.
Lower their income tax, since this is what they actually earn. This would be rewarding "new money". On capital gains increase the tax rate. Perhaps not to 35% but it should be higher, because all they do is sit on their asses and rake it in.
This is most fair. And no taxes on first $20k-$30k income on those earning less than $x/year. Some people are fucking starving to death. They don't make enough money and don't qualify for food stamps.

5:44 pm  

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