Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Links Apr 26

Black Money Comes Mainly from India: Assange The Times of India
Apr 26 -
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange speaks on Swiss bank data and India, though the truth about what data Wikileaks holds will not be clear, apparently, for some time.

India: High-level committee to trail money laundering
Apr 25 -
The Indian government has set up a multi-disciplinary committee, comprising top officials of different departments, to oversee and coordinate investigations into cases of money laundering and stashing black money in tax havens.

Barclays chief Bob Diamond to face tough grilling on pay and losses from Cayman deal Daily Mail

Apr 25 - On Diamond's potential £27m pay package, and details on how Barclays is dealing with its planned exit from "Protium", a parking place for some of the bank’s most toxic loans based in the Cayman Islands tax haven. We blogged Protium earlier, here.

Wall Street Journal Distorts Facts on Taxing the Rich: Jeffrey Sachs AllGov

Apr 23 - Jeffrey Sachs has taken exception to the assertion by The Wall Street Journal that it’s pointless to increase taxes on the wealthy. "America’s richest households have enjoyed quite a ride in recent decades as they’ve accumulated a mountain of wealth unprecedented in human history, at a time when much of the rest of society has been suffering."

Which is worse--theft of pizza or hiding almost $5 million from the IRS? ataxingmatter

Apr 24 - Comparing and contrasting. While in California someone is sent to jail for stealing a slice of pizza, a member of the elite class defrauds the government (and all honest taxpayers) by hiding $4.9 million in assets in a Swiss bank, and what does he get ...?

Liechtenstein structures will be within European Union Savings Tax Directive Tax Research UK

Apr 25 - Reporting from Richard Murphy: " ... for all serious offshore aficionados. It comes from the person I think the foremost expert on the European Union Savings Tax Directive – Mark Morris, and is from his blog, with permission." See a report on this, here.


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