Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Links May 11

Canada: Tax Justice News Canadians for Tax Fairness
May 2011 edition - The first newsletter from our Canada tax justice friends. Amongst reports are their joining TJN, and, that they now have around 2,500 signers on their petition to stop corporate tax cuts after their recent launch. Check out their facebook page.

Journée de la Justice Fiscale ("Tax Justice Day") Réseau pour la justice fiscale (RJF) (French) / FAN (Financieel Aktie Netwerk) (Dutch)
May 11 - Our Tax Justice friends in Belgium propose "A Day for Tax Justice" on May 31, and a gathering at 14 h. at Mont des Arts in Brussels - while observing how a "Tax Freedom Day" proposed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers is ridiculous considering that for those wealthy enough to dodge taxes, very many days become tax-free.

Lawyers back UK Uncut on taxes The Independent

May 8 - Britain could slash its £30bn a year corporate tax avoidance industry in one swoop – and raise more money from higher tax revenues – if it switched to a principles-based approach rather than the present one of "legal certainty", according to the Queen's lawyers.

EU tax-scam body stuffed with tax avoidance experts
May 6 - We linked earlier to the Eurodad press release on this scandal ... The European Commission has stuffed an advisory group on 'transfer pricing' with multinationals that engage in the practice and the four biggest accounting firms in the world, who advise these firms on how best to do so.

What next after the robber barons? FT Economists' Forum

May 9 - Today, the fast-growing emerging economies, the BRICs, are in the early, “robber barons” phase of development, in which rapid growth is coupled with corruption and growing inequality. In India, a backlash from civil society - a widely publicized campaign by social activist Anna Hazare, who staged a hunger strike, led to the government drafting an anti-corruption bill which, for the first time, brings together politicians and members of civil society.

Who Benefits From Tax Expenditures? Tax Notes

May 2 - On how high-income households receive relatively larger benefits from special rates, deductions, and exclusions, because they have relatively more income from certain tax-favored sources (capital gains, dividends, tax-exempt interest), and because graduated income tax, exclusions and deductions are worth more to taxpayers in higher rate brackets.

Stolen Russian tax money is in EU banks, US sleuth says

May 9 - We've linked earlier on this story of a high-profile death in custody linked to a tax fraud scandal, alledgedly to silence an accuser of Russian officials of hiding money in tax havens and Swiss banks.

Is the BBC scared of tax havens? Treasure Islands

May 9 - Nick Shaxson on how the BBC is shirking on its responsibility to inform and to educate.


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