Friday, May 27, 2011

Treasure Islands praised by Cayman supremo

Congratulations to best-selling author of Treasure Islands, TJN's very own Nick Shaxson, on being honoured by a Cayman Islands literature prize. Announcing the award, the Chair of the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange, Tony Travers - who features in the book - described Treasure Islands as a “sublimely entertaining account of bad guys, tax wrongdoers and hidden treasure". Having now apparently read the book, Mr Travers has joined the chorus of reviewers who sing its praises, saying: “It’s a rattling good light read, hugely entertaining and, my goodness, very, very, humorous.”

As recently as January 2011, when the book was launched, Travers described Nick Shaxson as an "imbecile". Has he had some kind of Damescene conversion? Or was he trying to be humorous? If the latter, he hasn't done the Cayman tax dodging industry any favours: first rule of public relations is do nothing that might draw attention to your opponent's arguments.

Own goal, Tony.

Postscript: Nick Shaxson is currently on vacation but will doubtlessly be in touch to nominate his prefered charity to receive the prize.


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