Wednesday, July 13, 2011

News Corp - Advisory

Yesterday we published a blog entitled "Murdoch: when it comes to taxes, instead of rendering unto Caesar, Murdoch has Caesar rendering unto him." It was based on some reporting, done in good faith, by David Cay Johnston, one of the U.S.' top tax reporters and a Pulitzer prize winner. It was published by Reuters.

We now understand that the original story was wrong, so we have withdrawn the blog.

Update: Johnston has now issued this correction, here. In it, he says:
"Readers, I apologize. The premise of my debut column for Reuters, on News Corp's taxes, was wrong, 100 percent dead wrong. . . . For the first time in my 45-year-old career I am writing a skinback."
This is a case of a great journalist who made a mistake. As the column explains, it was an easy mistake to make. The "skinback" tells an interesting tale in itself.


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