Friday, August 19, 2011

Africa Tax Spotlight - Taxation and Gender

The latest edition of Africa Tax Spotlight explores tax and gender issues, highlighting how the recent trend towards indirect taxes impacts more heavily on women and poorer people.

You can download the edition here, and we list the full contents below:

* Editorial - Taxation and Gender: Why does it matter?
* Tax us if you can: Why Africa should stand up for tax justice
* Interview with Imraan Valodia - What does tax justice have to do with gender equity?
* Ernest Okyere - Tell Me Why I Should Pay Tax and I Will Pay More!!
* Bernadette Wanjala - Gender and Taxation in Kenya: The Case of Personal Income and Value Added Taxes
* Chris Jordan - Who Pays More, Marta or SABMiller?
* Isaac Nyame - Improving the "Lots" of Women Through Taxation to Improve Compliance
* TJN Across the Globe
* News and Events
* Profile of Attiya Waris


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