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Financial Secrecy Index - news coverage

When we launched the 2011 FSI, we brought you some links on early news coverage. Media commentary on the FSI has abounded far and wide, so now we are bringing you a list of many of the articles that have appeared around the globe. We'll bring you more links as they arise, and you can also see media coverage on As a reminder, our blog posts bringing you the FSI launch are here and here. We've blogged on some of the predictable counter-claims in the press of secrecy jurisdictions here and here.

Articles are grouped according to those in the international press, or by country of publication. Some of the headlines here have been roughly translated using Google


Trouble island - Public anger and shareholder unease threaten tax havens’ tranquillity The Economist Oct 15

Havens above The Economist
Oct 7 (We blogged this here)

Switzerland tops list of tax haven nations: network Reuters
Oct 4

Where the Money Can Hide: The New Financial Secrecy Index was published today
Transparency International - Space for Transparency Blog Oct 4

Ghana: Time to Dismantle Tax Haven Secrecy Jurisdictions allAfrica Oct 10

And the prize for most secretive tax haven goes to...
Christian Aid Oct 4

Tax haven secrecy worsening, index reveals Christian Aid
Oct 4

Switzerland Leapfrogs U.S. to Top Financial Secrecy List Bloomberg Businessweek Oct 4


put on the list 'gray' of countries with smaller banking transparency
diario uno Oct 6


Austria's bank secrecy attracts money launderers Die Presse
Oct 4

Ranking: Austria amongst the least transparent Financial Centres in the World APA-OTS
Oct 4

Little transparency in the Austrian Financial Centre Der Standard Oct 4

Austria as a stronghold of the shadow financial system Wiener Zeitung Oct 4

Privacy? Transparency" Cheating is protected nachrichten Oct 5

Financial Secrecy Index: Austria is a haven for tax evaders news Oct 4

Switzerland is THE tax haven kurier Oct 4

Taxes: Austria is a secrecy jurisdiction Kleine Zeitung Oct 4- also reported in ORF news


Financial Secrecy Index: Belgium improves its position Le Vif Oct 4


Tax Justice Network says Canada must do more to address financial secrecy
National Union of Public and General Employees Oct 5

Cayman Islands:

Cayman 2nd in TJN's new secrecy index Cayman News Service Oct 3


Financial secrecy and legitimate confidentiality El Tiempo
Oct 9

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is in the middle of the ranking of tax havens El Financiero Oct 5


Denmark on the list of tax havens tv2
Oct 4

Denmark on tax haven blacklist The Copenhagen Post Oct 6


TJN: The G20 has failed to address tax havens kepa Oct 5


Protesters engage in the battle for financial transparency Secours-Catholique Oct 4

Campaigners for financial transparency point the finger at Switzerland Les Echos Oct 4

Financial secrecy: Switzerland, USA and Germany in the top 10 La Tribune Oct 10

Tax Justice Network published its list of tax havens novethic Oct 17


Germany is a haven for money launderers Der Westen
Oct 7

Tax haven Germany: Secrecy and lax controls KOPP Oct 7

Germany in the top 10 tax havens epo Oct 4

Germany in the top 10 of the world's shadow financial centres soz Oct 7

Germany in the network of money launderers taz Oct 5

Disclosure requirements in shadow financial centre Germany are criticized Frankfurter Allgemeine Oct 5


Ghana ranked 3rd haven for illegal fiscal deals GhanaWeb Oct 6

Illegal fiscal deals; Ghana ranked 3rd The Mail


Tax havens Switzerland, USA and Germany tovima Oct 4

Hong Kong:

Switzerland still ranked first in the world's tax havens
sina Oct 4

Switzerland ranks among the highest tax havens Yahoo Hong Kong Oct 4


A new list shows where Hungary is lagging behind napi
Oct 4

Hungary ranks 56th on Financial Secrecy Index Portfolio Oct 10

Financial Secrecy Index: Hungary 56th fn24 Oct 10


Financial Secrecy: Blame these 20 nations! rediff business Oct 7

Switzerland ranked at top in terms of fin secrecy Hindustan Times Oct 4


Ireland Ranks 31st Out of 73 Secrecy Jurisdictions in the Financial Secrecy Index Irish Left Review Oct 4


Financial secrecy: Switzerland first, Cayman second, Germany ninth tempi Oct 5

Tax havens: three European countries in the top 10 Wall Street Italia Oct 11


Switzerland leads the list of tax havens worldwide The Marker Oct 4


Liechtenstein in the middle of the field Volksblatt Oct

In the shadow of the big havens Liechtensteiner Vaterland


Luxembourg continues to be popular for money launderers Privat
Oct 5


Macau not transparent enough: index macaubusiness
Oct 11

Government slams financial secrecy report Macau Daily Times Oct 18


Tax haven: Dutch hypocrisy in times of crisis Radio Netherlands Worldwide Oct 4


Here are hidden billions Aftenposten Oct 4


Top tax havens worldwide imopedia Oct 11


Evading taxes will always find a refuge in the Alps BFM
Oct 4

Swiss banking: the best offshore gazeta Oct 5

Switzerland has agreed to disclose the accounts of Russians on request for tax information Mail
Oct 7

San Marino:

Tax havens: San Marino appears on the Financial Secrecy Index libertas Oct 7


study points to Switzerland, Cayman Islands and Luxembourg as the most active tax havens
El Pais
Oct 4


New List of Tax Havens: Switzerland in 1st place Tages Anzeiger
Oct 4 - same story also reported in Basler Zeitung

Swiss score the worst on financial secrecy index World Radio Switzerland Oct 4

Switzerland tops global tax haven ranking The Local
Oct 5

Swiss Banking Secrecy is the best ticino news Oct 7


Switzerland ranks among the highest tax havens Radio Taiwan International Oct 4


Bureau Recommends: Report names and shames global tax havens The Bureau of Investigative Journalism Oct 4

Tax haven network makes UK the top ‘secrecy jurisdiction’, says TJN Tax Journal
Oct 17 (We blogged this here)

Tax havens: G20 has failed to crack down, says campaign group Guardian
Oct 4

Tax haven activity 'rife', despite G20 crackdown promise The Telegraph
Oct 4

Isle of Man drops down secrecy league iomtoday Oct 7

Isle of Man drops down Financial Secrecy Index BBC Oct 12

Jersey slams financial secrecy index as 'nonsensical' The Telegraph Oct 4

Luxembourg is the ‘Death Star’ of tax havens The First Post Oct 4

World leaders have broken promise to smash tax havens - report The Mirror Oct 4

Tax haven secrecy worsening, UK research shows Ekklesia
Oct 3

Activists expose tax dodgers' Cayman Islands paradise Morning Star
Oct 5


The Top 10 Tax Havens: Tax Justice Network The Huffington Post Oct 5


Uruguay in the list of countries with least financial secrecy El Observador
Oct 5


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